The Jesuits and US Gov pushing the Darwinian evolution theories (hoaxes) also created the UFO / ET psyop, today with entire TV channels and movies.

Most UFOs are easily explained as high altitude balloons (Mexico City) or military flares (Phoenix lights), but some are hyped in the media such as Roswell NM, 1947, and the 1938 radio broadcast: War of the Worlds.

The reason for the dogmatic belief in ET is to sell the 'big bang' theory. The theory says long ago there was a bang that formed all we see: galaxies, planets and mankind. So if the theory is true there should be other planets with life on them.

The Bible says God created earth special.

This was also the reason for the fake moon mission hoax - to prove it was possible for life in space. They never went to the moon because it is impossible for life in space due to the harsh conditions. Even tho NASA has SETI searching for life in space since the 1960s they have found - nothing.

NASA was founded after WW II from Operation Paperclip Nazis brought to the US. These people along with the fascists running Washington have an irreligion agenda.

The Gnostic NASA Nazis read from Genesis:(video)

Telescope dubbed: LUCIFER used to spot planets. We can trust Lucifer?

Video: Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?
NASA created the moon hoax to lie to your children that God does not exist.

NASA claims planets formed by a 'big bang' not created by God. Thus there are planets with life on them somewhere out there, and to prove this they claim man can easily go to the moon.

There is no life in space anywhere and man cannot go to the moon. Neither can a dog, turtle, monkey or a lab rat. No life has ever went past the Van Allen Belts and lived.

1938 War of the Worlds radio spread FEAR and caused widespread panic.

1947 Roswell psyop aliens crash! ET?

Christians ask, is there anybody out there in space?

The Gov is perpetrating another evolution theory hoax. In this hoax or mind control or brainwashing they suppose there was a 'big bang' causing planets to form, and life on earth. If there was a 'big bang' causing life on earth there should be other planets with life, too. This is the claim today, but in the 1960s most thought life in space was impossible (and it is), thus the 'moon mission' to prove life in space is possible, needed to sell the big bangism theories; and that is the primary reason for the moon hoax: big bang vs Genesis.

Russia never put the first man in space either. That hoax was exposed by photo experts who noticed bubbles, showing the set was under water: Soviet Space Bamboozle

Russia in fact has no actual space capable ICBMs as the Cold War was a hoax needed for emergency rule here in the USA who alone possess nuclear weapons.

Sitchin's Planet X UFO Vatican Hoax
One author making some fringe claims was, Zecharia Sitchin.
Leo Zagami: Zecharia Sitchin was Vatican operative (video) working with the priest & ufologist, Corrado Balducci.
Back on planet earth grounded in the word of God with Christian astronomer, Dr. Jason Lisle: Big Problems for the Big Bang Theory [1][2]

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